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Bílý švýcarský ovčák

Freyja od Kunovského lesa

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Počasí Hradec Králové - Sluneč
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September 2013 - Club weekend Česká skalice

15.9. the Lead young  -met

14.9. Club show Česká Skalice, puppy class.

Breed Standard


Country of origin: Switzerland

Time: 19. century

Original use: sheep dog

Use today: companion, working and sporting dog-rescue, House, business, or herding training.

Life expectancy: 12-13 years

Weight: 25-45 kg

Height: female 53-61 cm, male 58-66cm




Although this breed seems very young, has a common origin with a German Shepherd. That began to emerge in the 1980s. years 19. century in Germany. Shepherds were used ;mainly for herding sheep, because these dogs the white color was normal and desirable. For his appearance, representative of the Habsburgs and him and rod Hohenzollernů. In 1882, he was at an exhibition in Hanover, Baron von Knigge, demonstrates for the first time in the group, with German shepherds also have a white Shepherd. This dog was the grandfather of the famous ;under the name of the dog, Horand von Grafrath. At that time he was Max von Stephanitz, modern type breed German Shepherd and so Horanda with enthusiasm bought and used in the beginning of farming. Horand was dark vlkošedý dog, but he carried the gene for the white color. The white color was in the early days of the breeding of the German Shepherd is very widespread. At that time,& white German Shepherd has also gained many supporters and admirers in the United States.

Stephanitz, initially against the white German shepherds don't mind (mainly dealt with upotřebitelností), but later, under pressure from many prominent breeders, his opinion changed. After the second world war, there was a significant turnover and the white Shepherd has become literally a side. Great breeders began to seduce him all serious illnesses and bad character and began to call him albínem, which was a big mistake. The white Shepherd has white fur, just like other breeds, but the pigmentation of the nose, lips, etc. It has dark. In these disputes about the color white white Swiss Shepherd unfortunately succumbed to supporters and campaign on their demise could begin. In Germany, they were all white dogs from exhibitions mercilessly disqualified. A similar situation occurred in the United States, only the Canadian Kennel Club resisted this "witch hunt" and i recognized the white German Shepherd. Also the keepers it surrendered and founded their club. Despite this, it's no Club or association from 1968 to the herd-book longer writing (in addition to the Kennel Club).

In 1970 brought to Swiss and. Burchová white Shepherd back to Europe. This adult dog imported from the USA, where she lived, and knew these dogs. Much valued their working abilities and so tried to push through their official breed. However, this too failed and when then moved back to the us, breeding again. The turning point came in 1984. Swiss j. Epprecht a great development of this breed-now called the American-Canadian white Shepherd, imported a few dogs and founded the official Club. In America, however it is still a white German Shepherd, where he has many supporters and separate clubs. The first white Shepherd to us imported p. Leon Haasbroek of Libeň, but the first litter of puppies with the PP was born in kennel "Acabo Czech" p. Stone. The FCI was until recently this breed registered in the national registry. After that in Switzerland in 2002 has already been officially recognised by the FCI under the new name of the white Swiss Shepherd.


It is found in short or in long-haired variant. Each exhibition is assessed separately.


The white Shepherd is very similar to the German German shepherd dog. It is a medium-sized, elegant and strong dog with a rectangular format. Should be well muscled with a fixed body building. The head is noble, strong, but not gross. Ears erect, their size should be proportional to the size of the dog. Stop unimpressed. The shape of the eyes, almond, the advantages are dark. Pigment nasal mushrooms dark, enabled by the brighten is seasonal. Full and scissor bite. Strong, relatively long neck without loose skin. Chest correctly with huge and profound. The spine straight and powerful, relatively short. The Standard provides a flat and sloped croup, but keepers are trying to keep a straight line between the ridge and the rear. The limbs are straight, right zaúhlené and well muscled. On the vaulted the fingers are the preferred dark claws. Tail abundantly feathered, hanging down, when attention may not be carried over the ;line of the spine.


FreyjaThe coat consists of two layers. Dense, softer Undercoat and short of short, hard or bearded of medium length thick covering of fur. The neck is longer and richer. The color is pure white with no spots. Tolerated is slightly yellowish coloring.


The white Shepherd ;is a gentle, sensitive, quiet, considerate. Is a spirited, lively, astute, daring, and thanks to their high intelligence, very docile and easy to use. Must not be aggressive.Dominance is an exceptional phenomenon. Mentally mature significantly later than, for example, a German Shepherd-after 2. year. In the meantime, has mostly lower self esteem than other breeds, and also soon mentally tired. It is a very different breed-there is among them a very self-confident, but also the cliff dogs, a lot of living and very calm or easy easy, but even the typical dog on couch.


This is a great family dog. To his family and the Lord very much adheres to it, is very friendly and welcoming. Known to be tolerated and foreign persons is reserved to the timid. When timely and correct upbringing to pets behaving very tolerant. Foreign dogs, but it depends on what the situation was.


To home for children is a very friendly, considerate and usually is willing to listen. Children, however, it must behave politely. The foreign children may be suspicious-so it is necessary supervision by adults.


The puppies are very sensitive and responsive, particularly to the unfortunate inducements. For us the banal experience it can leave the consequences to the rest of his life. It is therefore important, timely and consistent socialization.bringing a puppy on a busy place, let him fondle strangers etc., for at least one year. Everything you need to carry out on a leash. It is best to log in on the canine training in better case to school. Otherwise, the dog raises right-is a smart, like to learn and there are problems with dominance. Education is very important-when good and sensitive education it will be confident, obedient and friendly dog.

More complex exercises is required to defer to the time when the dog is at least a little bit mentally mature i.e. after 1. ;year. Obedience training does not make problems, but hates tough drill. They are good and savvy hitchhikers. With the defense is to begin when the dog starts to work. They are not so aggressive obranáři, mostly because just ;because it's their páneček. It is caused by the fact that many years ago when the keepers, they didn't have any výcvikářské ambitions. They were kept as family dogs then without an identity card to origin composition of the performance of the tests they had to have.


This breed can treat the outdoors and under certain conditions, even in the apartment. The apartment must have a dog available to a cooler location. Bedding should be soft and large enough. In individuals with longer hair, especially at the time of moulting, count with the ever-present white hairs.

There should be a sufficiently large hood, insulated, but may not be located in the Lee of the or in a kennel. This should be spacious. Because these dogs are not prone to wandering and the expansion of territory, they can usually run all day in the garden-a must have but the correct link to the Lord. Therefore, it was often to take home and for walking the dog to have a confidence that is still part of the Pack. White shepherds love snow and through the day on it even in large impeller unit with taste-clad jetsetters lounge.


Though this breed is& kept as social, very quickly expanded to all possible fields. Its white color are destined mainly to the humanitarian sphere-are working like dogs, canisterapeutičtí, applies to rescue assistance or as guides of the blind. There are also good for sheep and Shepherd training-white dog is for dobytčata at dusk and darkness better recognizable. Begin to be widely use to staff training and surveillance of objects. For their hardiness and temperament it is possible to train in the yoke. Interestingly, it's also a good canine& actors, often use in Czech and foreign films and commercials.


Due to the variability of this breed, it is possible to choose between a very live puppies or, conversely, very quiet. But on the whole it is an active breed. The lack of movement may very destitute. To maintain excellent condition needs to move in the form of long walks, swimming (water), running at the wheel or the various sports. Watch-puppies and young dogs to their physical development (at least 1 year) must not overload. If you have a dog available free space as a garden or a large yard,no problem can withstand without any major walks several days-that's when his master is busy. It must not become the rule, because after all this time, the dog very looking forward to favorite activities with the Lord.


Even though this dog white, his hair does not require any special care. Daily brushing is to remove impurities and necrotic coat-this is important mainly for long-haired Variant. Saying that his hair is in the self-cleaning is true. Although it is not possible to make its fur in some weather conditions, remained bright white. But as soon as the dog a little oschne again is beautifully white. Swimming-quality shampoo ;for white dogs is recommended 1-3 times a year. Dry Shampoo is suitable for dogs. It is important to clean the ears, teeth ;and maintaining short claws.


It is an excellent watchdog ;and does not hesitate to declare everything it seems suspicious. Because it's not usually a big stalactite, you need not worry that someone would accidentally bitten.

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